Honor Award

A Mews House

  • Year: 2019 Residential Design Awards
  • Entry Categories: Single-Family – Contemporary

A Mews House

A Mews House is the 3rd smallest lot in the city of Atlanta with a detached single-family residence built on it. The lot is a mere 20 feet wide providing for a 14-foot-wide house even after special relief from vexing suburban zoning regulations (in an urban setting) were granted.

In a time where housing is becoming increasingly unaffordable, it is important to build more housing – period. This project showcases the critical role design can play to bring new and innovative housing stock online.

Testing the premise that design drives economies, “A Mews House” is built as a spec house to show that elevated design can be profitable and possible in the competitive speculative residential market without public subsidies.

  • FirmAlex Wu Architect
  • Project LocationAtlanta, Georgia
  • Completion DateJuly 26, 2018
  • Architects and Designers Alex Wu Architect
  • Landscape ArchitectMicah Lipsomb
  • General ContractorFrancisco Reyes
  • Additional ConsultantsMike Law (Engineering)
  • PhotographyGarey Gomez