Brooklyn Riverside | AIA Atlanta
Merit Award

Brooklyn Riverside

  • Year: 2016 Residential Design Awards
  • Entry Categories: Multifamily/Mixed-Use – Over 50 Units

Brooklyn Riverside

The Brooklyn Riverside is comprised of seven buildings that create a total of 310 Residential Apartment Units with 77 private tuck under garages. Each building is a Type VA with an NFPA 13R sprinkler system allowing the four levels. The project consists of platform framed wood stud walls with prefabricated wood floor and roof trusses. The Brooklyn maxes out the density allowed on the site, bringing more people closer to the city center. The layout of the seven buildings on the site provide the look of an urban city block, and having cantilevered balconies provided at each unit connects the residents to the neighborhood.

Using wood as the main building material lends the project to be very sustainable, and compared to using concrete, can reduce the amount of CO2 emissions. At a closer look inside, all exterior, corridor and demising walls have batt insulation or spray cellulose for their sound dampening abilities but also provide energy efficiency for each building and unit. The roof/ceiling assembly provided prefabricated wood trusses that have batt insulation at the bottom cord.

  • FirmDwell Design Studio
  • Project LocationJacksonville, Florida
  • Completion DateApril 1, 2016