Merit Award

Juniper & 10th Street

  • Year: 2018 Residential Design Awards
  • Entry Categories: Renovations/­Adaptive Reuse – Over 5,000 Sq Ft

Juniper & 10th Street

This project was based on a public and private partnership formed to improve affordable housing options in Midtown Atlanta.

After providing an affordable housing option for senior and special-needs residents of Midtown Atlanta for over four decades, Tenth & Juniper High Rise received a major update in 2017.

Located at the highly-trafficked intersection of Tenth and Juniper Streets, the existing 0.7 acre site suffered from an excess of curb cuts, creating unfriendly and confusing pedestrian access for both residents and visitors. Use of the main entrance and accessible parking spaces required navigation of ad-hoc ramps and sidewalks. New work included the removal of two curb cuts from Juniper Street, creating an opportunity for a new outdoor amenity area for building residents. Upgrades to the main entry include the replacement of existing ramps and sidewalks with user-friendly walks, ramps and the construction of a new front porch. These renovations improve access for both residents and visitors.

Interior work included renewal of all 149 one-bedroom apartments to include new lighting, finishes, plumbing fixtures, appliances and air-conditioning systems; installation of an energy-efficient facade system; and upgraded tenant amenities. Installation of new windows and exterior finishes brought an updated appearance to the building’s exterior while preserving key architectural features such as exposed cast-in-place concrete walls. The removal of an underutilized driveway made room for a new exterior porch adjacent to community spaces on the main level.

  • FirmChoate + Hertlein Architects
  • Project LocationAtlanta, Georgia
  • Architects and Designers James Choate, AIA