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Honor Award

Lake Compound Effect

  • Year: 2022 Residential Design Awards
  • Entry Categories: Single-Family – Traditional

Lake Compound Effect

In the summer of 2018, our clients approached us, having just purchased a lot in the Kennebec development at Lake Martin, AL. They selected a spectacular property that offered opportunities to protect their privacy from development by anticipating the location of future homes on adjacent lots and strategically planning for undisturbed tree buffers.

Kennebec’s extensive guidelines provided guardrails to avoid the practice of total tree removal and dropping towering structures on the lake. The neighborhood also embraced the goal of sustaining as much of the natural environment as possible, mandating Architects and Builders to design and build with a scalpel, as opposed to an axe, so views were achieved without unnecessary destruction of the site.

The story unfolded as we dove into developing a solution large enough to accommodate a family of seven while being sensitive to satisfy the design guidelines that asked for low-slung homes nestled into the woods in harmony with their surroundings.

We started the design process with a thorough site analysis and heightened sensitivity toward material selection. The client’s direct and straightforward goals, to first make a place where their expanding family and friends could gather, and second, accommodate different scales of entertaining, from just the immediate family, to “bringing a friend” weekends, were kept in the forefront of our design consciousness.

  • FirmJones Pierce Studios
  • Project LocationLake Martin, Alabama
  • Completion DateMay 1, 2021
  • Architects and Designers Bryan Jones
    Angel Shockey
    Beth Meyer (Interior Design)

  • Structural EngineerWalt Wickstrom
  • General ContractorChad Sterns Builder
  • Additional ConsultantsGeneral Contractor: Chad Sterns Builder
    Interior Designer: Beth Meyer
  • PhotographyLukas Dreser