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AIA Atlanta, the Atlanta Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, is a professional organization representing 1,900 architects and designers in Metro Atlanta. AIA advocates for the value of architects and provides them with the resources to do their best work, including continuing education, political advocacy, networking, and leadership development.

The chapter is part of a larger network of 98,000 members, connecting you with mentors, collaborators, and peers who share a passion for architecture and a desire to change the world through design.

  • Mission

    AIA Atlanta brings leadership to the built environment.

  • Vision

    AIA Atlanta advances the quality of life in our communities through inspiration and leadership in both design and the built environment.

  • Values

    AIA strives to improve the nation’s quality of life, mitigate climate change, and protect the public’s health, safety, and welfare.

  • We believe access to good design is a fundamental right. AIA stands for the unbiased treatment of all individuals regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, physical abilities, or religious practices. We advocate for protecting and expanding laws that reflect these values, including fair housing policies, civil rights protections, and accessibility.


How design impacts communities

Architecture is more than pretty buildings. Infrastructure includes public buildings and spaces vital to communities, including schools, libraries, parks, hospitals, and government facilities. From reducing emergency room wait times to enhancing classroom environments for both learning and safety, architects are uniquely positioned to guide policymakers to make informed decisions about reinvesting in communities.


Sustainability and environmental impact

AIA works to relieve the damage effects of excessive carbon in the atmosphere, advocating for policies and encouraging the design and construction of high-performing buildings to protect the environment. Reducing the carbon footprint is not only good for the environment and health, it’s good for business.

Global warming and manmade hazards also pose threats to public health and safety. Rising sea levels and natural disasters result in loss of life and property. AIA advocates for resilient and adaptable design as the first line of defense against these disasters and changing conditions.

Architects also have an important role in influencing robust policies and building codes to protect our communities’ health, safety, and welfare.



Architecture is a $1 trillion sector representing nearly 6 percent of the economy. Many practices are made up of entrepreneurs and small businesses, and are responsible for creating jobs and economic opportunities. AIA fights for federal, state and local policies, tax code, financial support, and programs that ensure small firms remain strong contributors to the nation’s economy.


The future of the profession

Incoming generations are crippled by student loans and many recent graduates are forced to leave the architecture profession to pay off debts. Without a pool of qualified architects to design and contribute to policymaking, projects and economic development stifle. AIA advocates for policies to provide better access and funding for emerging professionals to enter and remain in architecture.

AIA also provides ongoing continuing education opportunities for members to remain current with the highest standards and best practices for design, leadership, and firm management.

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