High School Design Competition

Welcome to the AIA Atlanta High School Design Competition (HSDC), presented by YKK AP America. This annual competition offers Georgia high school students a chance to delve into architectural concepts and hone skills critical for college and beyond.

HSDC caters to diverse experience levels, with both Beginner and Advanced levels. Participants craft their responses to a design prompt, leveraging their creativity and architectural knowledge.

Winners are announced during a ceremony in April. The Advanced category awards cash prizes and a scholarship for the first-place winner to attend SPIKE Studio’s Summer Academy.

The 20th Annual HSDC will launch in January 2025.

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2024 Winnners

Congratulations to the winners of the 19th Annual High School Design Competition!

  • Beginner - Individual

    • 1st Place
      Megan Matovina, Empower College and Career Center
    • 2nd Place
      Isaac Wood, Etowah High School
    • 3rd Place
      Chloe Brown, Decatur High School
  • Advanced - Individual

    • 1st Place
      Jordi Silva, Union Grove High School
    • 2nd Place
      Finch Lau, Union Grove High School
    • 3rd Place
      Roy Diddy, Union Grove High School
  • Advanced – Group

    • 1st Place
      Sara Caccamo and Hien Nguyen, Maxwell High School of Technology
    • 2nd Place
      Katherine Gentner and Jacob Dymkowski, Wheeler High School
    • 3rd Place
      Stella Skillman and Jaemin Park, Decatur High School

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